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Ragara Calel Delit, money maager and low level bureaucrat. Delit quickly took a position in An Teng working for the Satrap as an aide, a distant Uncle of his. Of the group he’s one of the easier ones to get to given he has a pulic and fairly sedentary position. His history, family, and schooling details are also present, along with known connections and friends.

Nellens Falis, and if you thought Wen Ti was fucked up. She was a graduate of the Spiral after graduating Tamed Storm. She’s known to be a drug dealer and very heavy user of everything she can get her hands on. She’s older than you all thought, and has been stashed away twice for pregnancies by low bred mortals. Her whereabouts are unknown after her escape, but her closest known relation, her father, runs a wine trading operation out of Port Calin.

Sesus Alon Ilon is one of the easier to find, but harder to get to. She has taken vows to the Order and is currently in the Palace Sublime ungeroing initiation into the Order. Fortunately it’s easy to keep tabs on her and she’s known to be a serious glutton.

Sesus Chenow Oriin is somewhat more dofficult to get pinned down. It seems he has taken on a duelist position in the Legion commanded by Sesus Chenow. Last known operating theatre was north of Rublyak.

Ragara Yaro has moved to Nexus by the last report, and is still probably in transit. The notes say he has engaged a private banking enterprise that will provide funds to his family through work in the Scavenger lands. Nexus is a long way off and there’s several notes that he has connections to several private intelligence firms and is likely engaged in illicit money laundering.

Cathak Garel Sertoran, was last seen within the Imperial City, in the company of of his mother Cathak Garel Pelama. Several assets have been diverted to find him, with the most likely scenario being that he joins the eighteenth Legion operating out of Harborhead as a tribune.

Story Information

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