Cynis Wenti's Familly

Cynis Rotte: Wenti’s father married into Wenti’s Mother’s family as a way to give his family an in with hers and to diversify the business of Wenti’s mother’s family. More of a business man than most Cynis he takes himself and is work seriously waiting for times off from work to sink into excess. He oversees the slave trade in the northern prefectures of the Isle from the family manse, which is also a slave holding/training center. He is nondescript for an Exalted; black hair fair skin and altogether mortal looking. He is of moderate low breeding, the bottom edge of 3 high end of 2. His is more or less oblivious of Wenti’s character since he was sent to reform school. When it was clear I was not destined for some high office filled with legitimacy he found it easier to ignore Wenti’s existence; exalted out of aspect was bad enough but Wenti’s behavior after that have made Wenti a source of embarrassment and inconvenience to him.

Cynis Tyko: Wenti’s mother is a trained courtesan, and she is from a Cynis family known for its social gatherings. She herself is less interested in the large galas that are on the tongues of social elite for weeks afterward. She prefers small gatherings of elite friends, or week long guests that go unnoticed and have every possible wish catered to without any risk of someone finding out, beyond herself of course. Her appetite for sensation makes her a paragon of a Cynis; it is not simply enough for her to taste all the sensations life has to offer, she will wring out every drop of experience life has to offer. She lives away from her husband; staying in the Imperial City so she is near the Eventide Conservatory where she at times works but only for the most influential and powerful of patrons. Wenti’s mother took an active interest in Wenti. It began when I exalted out of aspect, and she had Wenti framed for murder of his lover out of a mix of malice, boredom, and desire for a new exprience. After being sent to the Palace for a short education she sunk her claws into me; making Wenti into her personal errand boy/garbage man/solution for any task whether it involve drugs, sex, theft or murder. She began by seeing Wenti as more of a tool than a son, and more of a pet than a tool. But, 5 years of proving Wenti’s usefulness and being the only child she ever spent any real time with complicated the dynamic.

Cynis Ranek: The youngest son excluding Wenti takes after his father in that he has a mind for business and no interest in me. He is well breed taking after Wenti’s mother in looks; having skin that looks perpetually tanned and hair with a slight tint of green (breeding 4ish). Currently he is working as an aide to the Satrap of An Teng overseeing the preparation of tribute for the realm. He shows and odd lack of interest in debauchery for a Cynis, but does have a habit of sampling the goods when it comes to inspecting slaves and doing so rather thoroughly.

Cynis Noxa: Wenti’s only sister is a member of the legions. Currently she is awaiting deployment to the threshold, and sleeping with anyone that can help her career or hurt the careers of her rivals. She has a thing for drunken brawls and orgies and is by far the manliest of Wenti’s siblings. Her opinion of Wenti is more or less ambivalence. Her time at the Bell taught her the importance of loyalty and she thinks of him as family, but the way he has shamed that family is not something she is happy about.

Cynis Jakar: Wenti’s oldest brother and final sibling has done everything he can to follow in the footsteps of our mother. He trained as a Courtesan, and is by all accounts as very good and much sought after one. He is constantly on the move from place to place as he does not have the reputation yet to have patrons come to him. He would usually be on the Isle unless some very important client requested his presence in one of the Satrapies. He has an unending loathing for Wenti. First because of his aspect which shamed the family, and second for his close relationship with their mother however screwed up it is. Our mother has always given Jakar a cold shoulder. This is somewhat because she sees him as a rival but primarily because she can sense that all he does he does for her, and she wants to force him into doing it for himself.

Cynis Wenti's Familly

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