House Cynis

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Ever the enjoyment minded the Cynis have been making the most of the Realm’s expansion and subsequent boom economy. The massive number of slaves in fluxing into the economy have made their coffers swell and their mercantile ventures have expanded geometrically. The three Cynis sisters are of a mind to chart their House to great fortunes and influence and though they have had some recent setbacks their popularity has been growing.

Major Lines:

House Cynis is the component lines of: Wisel, Belar, and Falen. The three sisters and their Households have divided up the tasks (except of course the orgies) and goals of the House most amicably between them and their joint control has rarely caused any issues at large. Their brood is large and fecund, and their fingers are in every pie, literally and metaphorically.


The physical expansion of the Realm has been good to Cynis. Every conquest generates large numbers of slaves, which by law must be brokered through them. Though other Dynasts may own slaves, Cynis gets the choice pick of them and also decides how to allocate slaves to what section of the Dynasty. This has become increasingly useful to the House as other Houses have begun to offer more tantalizing terms, and not just in terms of money, for access to the best slave talent. Their trading routes and influx have caused some friction with the Guild as their purchases have dwindled: why should they pay the Guild for slaves when the Legions are taking large numbers of them?

Recently the Wisel and Falen Households have expanded their internal economic ventures. With the fresh supply of cash they have been willing to fund high risk high reward investments within the Threshold. Though several of these have been the targets of unfortunate attacks the profits from the others have more than offset the losses. Younger members are encouraged to be alert for opportunities in the Threshold that could pay large dividends.


No one ever wants to ally with the Cynis. Friends? Certainly. Good neighbors and partners? Yes. Allies? Few. The public image of the Cynis hurts in this department and there are few within the Dynasty or without the Cynis can really rely on. Their friendships have helped them in the expansion however, and recently the Sisters have been considering forming an intelligence branch to properly make use of their store of information.

House Sesus is the closest thing Cynis can think of as an ally, with extensive intermarriage between them and several of the major Sesus lines. This has become strained with Ragara seeming intent on poaching the Chenow line right out from under them and the Cynis have been looking at both their blackmail folders and their marriage prospects to keep the Sesus close.

Rivals and Enemies:

Much as they have few true allies, Cynis has few true enemies. Most Houses do not take them as serious contenders for the Throne and as such don’t find it worth their time to take Cynis down a peg. Recently the Ragara have become more belligerent towards the Cynis as their interests have begun to cross, and the Cynis, unused to having real enemies, are still working out how to deal with the problem. They would prefer to utilize their Sesus allies to this effect, but thus far the Sesus have been unwilling to cross the Ragara. The only other major rival of House Cynis is the Peleps merchant fleet. Though House Cynis’ merchants are a distant second to the Peleps they are the only thing that is even competition and as such keenly feel the Peleps dominance.


The Cynis short to medium term goals are quite simple: make the most of the boom. The Sisters are diligent in pointing their House to keep making the most of the increased slave trade for both profit and favor. With the recent setbacks in their satrapies and shipping lines several younger members of the House have been funneled into military or intelligence careers to give the House a leg up in these matters.

House Members of Note:

Cynis Wisel Laegarad: Laegarad is one of the up-and-comers within the House. A graduate of Bells circa 620 he has already achieved success as a talonlord within the 9th Legion and maintains a good reputation with both the military and the Dynasty’s interests in the threshold. Something of a pretty party boy he’s known to be solid when the time comes for it and is always ready and on hand to throw a great victory party. Wisel has used some of the House’s political influence to gain him a commission as a Winglord; before many say he is ready for the position and responsibility. Thus far he has not disappointed, though when his achievements are measured against exalts twice his age he is no longer the shining star of just a year ago.

Cynis Belar Rasara: Rasara is very likely Belar’s heir apparent. Beautiful and insatiable she is one of the darlings of the Imperial City’s social scenes. Tending to throw fewer orgies than galas and high power salons Rasara has gotten in very well with a number of influential households. She has also been purported to be having simultaneous affairs with no fewer than four highly placed Dynasts and current rumor is that none of her children belong to her husband. As three of them have Exalted, Belar could not care less and in fact could not be prouder.

House Cynis

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