House Iselsi

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Iselsi cannot really be said to be a House. A hollow shell with a few Blooded thin bloodlines the Iselsi are still paying for their one time attempt at treachery centuries later. In this they make an excellent object lesson for the rest of the Dynasty on the consequences of turning against the Scarlet Empress. With every generation their blood thins and their scant resources dwindle away. They are useful for the time being in staffing the Order and the Eye and one day when they simply die out a new House will have to be made example of.

Major Lines

The House has no major lines, no minor lines, and really, no lines at all. It’s Dragon Blooded cannot marry proper Dynasts and as such cannot form Households. The House’s breeding has been thinning out as a result of this with only sneaky patrician marriages sufficing to try and keep new Exalts coming with each generation.


The House has no real economics to speak of. A few small business operations, carefully planned and mostly located in the threshold suffice to bring in some monies for the House. The rest of their funds come from the largesse of the Immaculate Order in way of donations and subsidies for the Iselsi sheltering within the Palace Sublime.


The one bright spot for the Iselsi is they can boast two strong alliances. The Bal line of House Mareda finds them highly useful for countering the moves of the other Houses. Dynasts that have no stake in the game make excellent apolitical agents and their jealousy of the other Houses means they will not hesitate to hurt any of them. The Immaculate Order has given refuge to the Iselsi since they were dealt with by the Empress. AS they shelter in the Palace Sublime many have joined the Order and there is a powerful sense of guardianship towards the remains of the House by the Order.


From a strictly technical viewpoint the Iselsi are traitors declared and all Dynasts are bound to do them harm. The reality is that most Houses do not even consider them anything resembling a threat, save perhaps Mnemon. While most will damage them for any reason whatsoever the mere fact they are not a real threat keeps them from being obliterated.


The Iselsi want to survive. This is the primary goal amongst what constitutes their leadership is the continuation of the lines and the ability to bear and raise new generations of Dynasts. The next goal for the House is to continue and plug their influence in the Order until, perhaps, the Order will itself help convince the Empress and Dynasty they have completed their penance and be allowed to return to their former status.

House Members of Note

Iselsi Iphen: Iphen is one of the few members of the House who can use his real name and lineage. A powerful magistrate, who has been so for nearly two centuries, he has the confidence of the Empress and the physical prowess to back up his position. It’s almost a shame he will never have a family or be able to set up his own lineage. He currently operates on the Blessed Isle uncovering smuggling rings and criminal networks the developing Houses use to circumvent the tax and tariff laws of the Empire.

House Iselsi

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