House Ledaal

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House Ledaal, more than even Ragara, is feeling left behind in the colonial rush. While many of the family’s youth travel the threshold looking for ancient lore this is more academic than it is economic. Most of the House’s income comes from its control of the Arjuf dominion and the port of Arjuf itself. While the trade through the port has increased the House has taken virtually no rich new satrapies and few of its members have the kind of worldly interest around wealth to push new economic ventures. Relatively speaking the House has begun lagging behind and is turning towards marriage alliances where it parts out Occult expertise for mercantile consideration.

Major Lines

The Catala are odd, even for the Ledaal. The family bases in the threshold, and while this does let them control a few of Ledaals rare satrapy holdings they spent of their time and effort on collecting old history and studying the threats that face Creation. This trade and information gathering on the further parts of Creation has come in useful identifying threats to the Realm or identifying weaknesses but that utility tends to wax and wane with the seasons.

Ledaal Kebok drug his own family line off less than sixty years ago but has thus far made a real go of it. Based outside of Eagle’s Launch in the far hinterlands of the Isle his family are sorcerers, savants, artificers, and spies. The House has found it useful to trade in this knowledge for alliances to other Houses. Rumors have begun to swirl that the line being perpetrated by one of his daughters, Sulco, has a far higher incidence of mental instability and infernalism than is normal even for sorcerers. So far it has yet to become a scandal but that is only a matter of time.


House Ledaal’s economics are conservative and very stable. Sadly in an age of vibrant growth the conservative portfolio just isn’t making the returns of the more aggressive Houses. Most of the House lives in Arjuf, and control and tariffs through the port give them the vast majority of their income. The rest, a rather small slice, comes from several satrapies and business ventures around occult knowledge.

The council running the House knows it cannot match the economic power of the Cynis, Peleps, and Tainena, so they work hard on leeching some of it away through advantageous alliances. In this being the House of Sorcerers is quite useful as many others flinch away from that which the Ledaal embrace. Currently several proposals to form consulting businesses and artifact manufacturing service companies have been halted by the leadership of the House while they carefully consider if parsing out their hard won knowledge for Jade is worth it.


The Ledaal have several alliances that trade in on their occult knowledge. The House embraces both Tepet and Cathak as they view the need to have a militaristic counter to the threats Creation faces as vital. The Ledaal breeding helps smooth over the rough edges of the dogmatic Cathak orthodoxy and the shared aspect makes them attractive mates to the Tepets. The alliances to Tepet are keeping them relatively competitive with the expansion though the House has begun to consider pursuing Tainena for their threshold control as a preferred new ally.


Ledaal and Sesus were at each other’s throats since they were children and the enmity has extended to their descendants in abundance. The Ledaal loathe the Sesus and the Sesus return the favor heartily. These two started the great game of the Dynasty and they play their parts to perfection with every move generating a counter move. Mnemon, herself a powerful sorceres, views the House with disdain. Not only does she consider them to be rivals in sorcerous matters her support of the Order gives her ample reason to go after Ledaal ‘infernalists’.


The council leading the House is mostly concerned with stability. Stability for the Realm and creation means limiting the rapid expansion of the Satrapy system and pulling back from expanding the economy. As such the Ledaal find themselves in the traditionalist camp alongside several others who oppose the colonial race. The pragmatic side of Ledaal is interested in bolstering their ties with Tepet and Cathak as well as forging new ties to one of the expansionist houses, perhaps Tainena.

House Members of Note

Ledaal Kebok Danar: Danar is exactly what the Realm pictures when it sees a sorcerer. Ethereal, mysterious, unfocused, and surrounded by summoned demons everyone thinks he is an inferanlist despite the fact he is one of the most avid demon hunters within the Realm. Knowing how his own public image is seen he despises those who would willingly work with the Yozis and has begun to make a career out of hunting infernal cults across Creation.

Ledaal Lexa: Lexa is one of the few Ledaal to lead a life of politics. She disappointed both her parents when she exalted out of aspect as a chosen of Psiap rather than Mela. In her youth she fumed at the lack of attention and the dismissal of her House even as she was turned away from the Heptagram. The frustration has lead her into the Thousand Scales and one of the more powerful ministerial holdings within the Foreign Office. At present her House has become the beggars as they both pressure and bribe her to take a stricter look at the satraps from the colonial Houses.

House Ledaal

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