House Mareda

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Mareda is an old House, one of the first to be founded by a progeny of the Empress. Mareda was a lifelong politician and she gave the Empress the ability to purge those elements of the Imperial Service not directly related to her. Her House has survived and grown from its original purpose with the current committee of two power couples directing the House and leading the traditionalist camp. The House is well entrenched in the Thousand Scales and Deliberative though it has been losing ground to the Peleps and Sesus as both Houses are flush with funds from the recent expansion. Still, the House has much sway in the ministries and its rivals find their attempts to utilize the Realm’s bureaucracy failing while those who give the Mareda their do fly through with all the speed that can be imagined.

Major Lines

House Mareda is formed by two wholly separate and powerful lines each with multiple subordinate Households. The Bal Household is the first household of the Thousand Scales. More ministers and ranking bureaucrats come from the Bal lines than any other. As nepotism has never been an issue for the Realm the Bal continue to push their members almost exclusively towards the Imperial Service and will outright disown members who do not toe the line.

The Chesara are a major voting bloc within the Deliberative. Founded by a staunch politico they split off from the side of the House maintaining the Imperial Service to concentrate on wrangling power within the Deliberative. In this they are highly successful. No matter how much others may loathe them very little gets passed without Mareda support.


The Mareda are hurting for cash at present. Traditionally the House has been kept afloat by the Imperial subsidy and by trading favors within the Imperial Service and Deliberative for access to money generating ventures. This has been hampered in recent times by the fast expanding colonial Houses’ ability to buy influence that isn’t Mareda based. Rather than buck and change the House has doubled down by shutting out any initiative and progress that hasn’t been appropriately paid for. It’s hurting the bottom line but getting the point across the House is not to be trifled with.


The Mareda have been traditionally strong with the more traditional Houses. They have good ties with the Cathak as a result as both Houses have similar views of the Realm’s position in Creation. They are also surprisingly close to the Nellens as a byproduct of needing to have large numbers of mortal members to help staff the ministries of the Thousand Scales. The Mareda are also heavily involved with the Realm’s patricians and a great many of them are either related to Mareda or in some way owe the House.


The House finds itself in an odd position: the longtime enemies of Ragara and Mnemon are on the same side as it in the current fight against the Realm’s expansion. Centuries of hard feelings are not so easily forgotten though. On the opposite side Mareda is violently opposed to the colonial rush and so finds itself an enemy of most of the expansionist Houses. It is a difficult place to be in with most of the Dynasty considering them to be foes.


Mareda takes a very long term view to current events. This colonial craze is a fad that will pass in due time. It needs some help to be snuffed, surely, but the House will block its push and limit the damage that can be done. Then, when its enemies are no longer flush with cash, Mareda will move in and cut them down to size. It’s all just a matter of time.

House Members of Note

Mareda Bal Keraz: Keraz is a middle aged exalt and one of the most influential in the Realm. He has achieved the chair of the Imperial Treasury which gives him power and access to the Empress rivaling most of the House heads. He is a shrewd operator that spends his time planning policy and actions that will still be having the intended effects decades from now. Like most of his House he takes a very long view of things and plans accordingly.

Mareda Chesara Cailsus: Cailsus is young for a Senator, barely in his fifties, but after a youth of fiery adventuring he has achieved far more in a shorter time than most. He made his bones leading an expedition that reclaimed a Thousand Forged Dragon along with a fair bit of other treasure. The proceeds of which, when he sold it back to the Empress, netted him a tidy fortune and a position in the Senate. He uses the wealth as one of the few areas Mareda can buy influence and he is one of the lynchpins of the traditionalist voting bloc.

House Mareda

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