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Mnemon has been a powerhouse for almost a century. Extensive intermarriage with the Sesus have kept her House on the cutting edge of the Realm’s military matters and the devotion shown to the Order has been repaid with Immaculate support to her goals. The House is currently split on the colonial Expansion. Menemon has negotiated some of the richest new satrapies to be controlled by the House yet she is furious that one of her young siblings and the other Houses are doing better than her own line in the recent time. So Mnemon plans for the future. A future where she will take them all down and be the only possible choice for her mother’s replacement on the Throne.

Major Lines

Mnemon’s House is fairly unified. Only just under 300 years old and with Mnemon solidly in charge, her House has not yet fragmented to any real degree.

The Caras Household is one of only two Households not living with the House proper in the Imperial Palace. The Caras, one of the most devout Households in the whole of the Realm, make their home in Sion just outside of the Palace Sublime. With nearly a third of their descendants entering the Order the Caras are the main method Mnemon uses to keep her influence within the Order up.

The Darow are a military family located in the Ventus Prefecture. Intermarried heavily with the Cathak the Darow tend to form the core of Mnemon’s military structure producing most of the officers tat staff the Mnemon legions and helping to oversee her Northern satrapies.


Mnemon controls several prime tributary states in the Threshold, notably it just took over Paragon. The House is currently working on gaining several more excellent states in the North using it’s influence over the Order and many small alliances to get inroads there. Meanwhile the House’s merchants are making brisk business in the colonial atmosphere. Mnemon has adopted a policy where her House emulates the Realm as a whole; they suck resources out of the Threshold, manufacture finished goods on the Isle and anything that gets exported comes right back as tribute.

At present the House is falling behind the major economic Houses: something Mnemon cannot stand. As she watches the commercial Houses expand she finds herself in the unenviable position of falling behind and being forced to take action to limit their growth. So far the profits are just too great but sooner or later Mnemon will be able to stall her rivals out and then take them apart.


Mnemon’s personality and goals put her often into conflict with the other Houses and tends to limit the long term alliances her House can build. Her breeding and that of her children however ensure a steady stream of marriages attached to short term agreements that allow her to put patricians into place to reap the benefits later.

There are portions of Houses Sesus and Cathak that are closely allied with Mnemon, namely the Kajak line of Sesus. Though these alliances Mnemon maintains the military prowess of her House though neither Sesus nor Cathak would willingly subordinate themselves to her.


Mnemon has many enemies, most notably Ragara and Mareda. Her half siblings view her as their chief rival along with each other. All three of them find themselves frustrated that the younger Houses and another sister, Tainena, get a jump start and expand their holdings and power bases. At present the fight between the Isle Houses and the Colonial Houses will come to a head.


Mnemon is most concerned about limiting the power of the colonial Houses by pushing the Order to put strict watches on their development. She is also pushing heavily to keep restrictions in the deliberative regarding inflation control that limit the economic growth of the colonial Houses.

House Members of Note

Mnemon Alaric: Alaric is a dashing cad and romantic adventurer who has found a way to keep at the life he so loves while keeping his grandmother from throttling him. He commands a private mercenary force operating in the threshold that only takes contracts on his say-so. They usually are at the forefront of either expanding the Realm’s borders or delving deep into the wilds of Creation looking for lost wealth. Alaric has recently taken a Ledaal bride from the Catala line to keep things going and give him further excuse to remain abroad.

Mnemon Omah: Omah is a senior vertabed of the Immaculate Order and a staunch traditionalist. She almost violently opposes the Realm’s rapid expansion seeing it as contrary to the role Psiap chose for the Dragon Blooded. Several of her theses have caused a major stir within the order giving the traditionalists weight and religious imperative to stop the colonial Houses.

House Mnemon

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