House Nellens

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The Mortal House, always below the rest of the Dynasty with it’s odd ways and bad reputation is doing remarkably solidly. All of those business and ventures that the rest of the Dynasty couldn’t bother with have been expanding with the new territories. Add to it the Nellens tend to have a better reputation abroad due to their high mortal population and a great many foreign princes and magnates will deal with a Nellens far more readily than a Cynis or a Peleps. They have only acquired a few Satrapies but all were strategically chosen to compliment the House’s commercial interests. Nellens finds itself wealthy and with excellent contacts throughout the Realm and Threshold though still viewed as a half step below any real Dragon Blooded.

Major Lines:

With such a small number of Exalts the House has no true lines that are visible to the rest of the Realm. Inside the House a number of semi-independent Households exist, most of them mortal and centered around one of Nellens’ ventures. Only the Marcuyo Household is significant enough to warrant some separation with their Household centered in Chanos around a textile manufacturing operation.


House Nellens makes strong pull with the patrician industries and agriculture. Anything considered too mundane for a Dragon Blooded to have a hand in will find a Nellens making a profit off it somewhere. The House could rival Ragara as a private investment firm but if it did it would not survive the backlash. Currently Nellens is heavily invested in shipping manufacturing and trade off Isle to some of it’s newly acquired Satrapies. Boot strapping their economies will allow them to act as larger trading partners and markets for Nellens manufactured goods made on the Isle.


Nellens has few allies as most of the Dragon Blooded of the Dynasty loathe them for being a House founded by a mortal. They do have excelelnt contacts throughout the Patrician Houses and many of the unExalted within the Dynasty have a positive viee of the House. This works out very well considering the unExalted tend to run most of the House’s commercial interests so Nellens always has a way into any venture.

Nellens has also made recent inroads with the newly formed House Tainena. The Tainena are not yet powerful enough to be able to turn their nose when lucrative alliances come their way, and for the Nellens their extensive threshold interests make them highly compatible. Several prospects for marriage are currently under consideration between the two.


Nellens counts most of the Dynasty amongst it’s enemies, for the fact they are the perfect scapegoat and most Houses will take any chance to hurt them. It is normally Sesus and Mnemon that are their most implacable enemies for these Houses are among the most well bred and find Nellens’ existence an affront to their sensibilities.


As ever, Nellens seeks to survive and turn a profit. Now is a dangerous time with the Houses of the Dynasty flush with funds and making moves to position themselves better for the Throne. Nellens keeps out of that fray, and their goals are to continue to profit from the competition. They are expanding their mercantile interests and most of their younger members are encouraged to found businesses or look for profitable threshold ventures. As a whole the House is focusing its efforts on several major manufacturing possibilities in the Threshold and is pondering making a play for the under performing Cathak owned Greyfalls.

House Members of Note:

Nellens Kesrirva: Kesrirva would likely have fit in better with the Peleps for this Water aspect is a true shark. The closest thing the Realm has to a corporate raider she established a profitable trade route in the late 550’s and has since used the income to buy marginal or under performing buisneses and rip out the parts of them that make money before letting the debt ridden shells implode. She has made no few enemies, within the Dynasty or without, but her methods are effective. One of the richest Dynasts in the Realm she makes her home in the An-Teng where she coordinates her next economic attack from.

Nellens Leremi: An unExalted Dynast now in her mid thirties Leremi is Nellens’ woman inside the Thousand Scales. A properly positioned bureaucrat in the Honest and Humble Tax assessors she uses her influence not to try and alter things in Nellens’ favor, but to root out what the other Houses are doing by how they try and manipulate things. By keeping a relatively low profile she is well thought of and has been able to make a proper household while keeping her house well informed. Things are changing, though, as her youngest son just Exalted as an Air aspect and she may find herself propelled up and into more dangerous territory as a result.

House Nellens

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