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Ever slippery the Peleps are currently on par with House Tepet for being on the top of the dog pile that is the Dynasty. Their control of the Merchant and Imperial navies give them money and power and their political arm within the Deliberative parlays this into influence across the Dynasty. The only real weakness the House has is that it takes so many Blooded to staff the dual fleets and keep the politics running is that Peleps controls relatively few satrapies itself. This has not been a problem for the House as the colonials have to broker with them to transport the wealth of the Threshold to the Isle. At present the Peleps are neither traditionalist nor Colonial: they take advantage of both ruthlessly.

Major Lines

Peleps has a slew of minor lines all competing viscously with one another to make it to the league of the major households. At present three major lines populate alongside the minors.

The Nalin Household tends to be the most diplomatic and approachable branch of the Peleps and forms essentially the public relations branch of the House. Founded on respectful competition the Nalin tend to hold their word better than most Peleps and regularly engages in joint ventures with other Houses in the threshold.

The Danic are the other side of the House: the ruthless politicos. Danic is herself a Senator and if the Peleps as a whole are cutthroat then her line is particularly brutal about the competition. It keeps them in top form however as every Exalted survivor of the line is a prime candidate for top position within the Imperial Service.

The Tamrah Household is the merchant navy. This branch of the House, along with several minor lines, staffs most of the high positions with the merchant fleet and runs its day to day operations. The wealth generated by the fleet gives the Tamrah a large degree of pull within the House as well as making their members excellent marriage candidates to other Dynasts.


To call the Peleps rich would be an understatement. They rival the Ragara for access to raw wealth and their ability to use their income to press an advantage is well known throughout the Realm and beyond. The Peleps make most of their wealth from two sources: The stipend for support of the Imperial Navy and the proceeds from the bookings of the merchant fleet. The merchant fleet is the larger of these resources as every House and patrician who needs something moved has to do so through the merchant navy. This means paying a fee to the Peleps for use of their ships. The Peleps have recently begun renting out portions of the navy on a medium term basis to other Houses. Thus far is has worked: the other Houses get access to the ships and they control the schedules while Peleps gets to offload the cost of maintenance while still being able to charge rental fees.


With the Peleps being the sharks of the Dynasty they have few real allies. Their marriages are made for short term contracts and they know very well that only one House will eventually be able to sit atop the Realm at the Empress’ jubilee. Despite this they have become closer to the Ragara in recent years as the latter are funding the expansion of the Navy at very reasonable interest rates. With the other Houses expanding militarily the House has formed several marriages for military support, including a complete military Household and the accompanying troops, from the Sesus. The Kajaks are their preferred mates as they are seen to be more stable than the Chenow and more amenable to politics than either House Tepet or House Cathak.


The Peleps have a very long list of enemies: at least one household from every branch of the Dynasty despises them. However they don’t tend to make systematic enemies of whole Houses very often as they are too willing to cut a deal for whole lines of Dynasts to keep the anger up. At present the Mareda and Peleps are at loggerheads for control of the Deliberative with the Mareda voting bloc cutting into the Peleps’ ability to make political deals. The Tainena have also come under scrutiny as the House has been forced to give the upstart youth highly favorable agreements for access to the merchant fleet.


The House is keen to expand and exploit the current colonial craze. The boom cycle and new territory mean more trade. This means more merchant ships to carry it and more naval assets to protect it. All of these things means more power and influence for the House. Meanwhile it has been in a longstanding fight with the Mareda voting bloc within the deliberative and the Danic lines are looking for a way to dismantle their opposition there.

House Members of Note

Peleps Danic Damanchina: Damanchina is a very recent graduate of the Spiral Academy and and up and coming mover within the treasury. She apprenticed to Mareda Bal Keraz himself for nearly a decade and now has a firm position within the ministry. She seems not to typify the Danic line’s ruthlessness and is instead known to be a hard worker who will simply be better than her competition. Still, she survived a Danic upbringing so there must be steel in her core.

Peleps Egus: Egus is a naval captain who’s next in line for an admiral’s stripes as soon as someone retires or dies. He’s a hard man weathered by decades on the ocean and basely gets off his ship to father another scion to keep the Peleps line strong. He’s one of the better tacticians within the House and has been privately supporting Ledaal and Tainena salvage and exploration groups looking for First Age ships he can press into the fleet.

House Peleps

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