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House Sesus, now several centuries old, has fragmented to a surprising degree considering it is still a Great House. Sesus Kajak, near to retirement, is the titular head of the House having taken over when Sesus finally died forty years ago. Kajak tries to keep his House and line directed towards martial affairs but has seen a surprising pushback from the Alon and Magel lines. The House still stands as a martial powerhouse rivaling both Tepet and Cathak for prowess and with newly expanding mercantile lines the fragmentation may work in the House’s favor as there is a line to exploit or work in every arena of the Realm.

Major Lines

House Sesus is entirely made up of its component lines from the powerful Kajak, Alon, and Chenow lines to the newer Magel and Denerid lines.

Kajak himself was once one of the premier generals of the Realm and now spends his time writing martial and political treatises while socializing around the Imperial City and generally getting under the skin of Cathak Cainan. Raves, a granddaughter, has been acknowledged as his heir and though she is young to be a general has already shown the kind of promise that indicates she may be a future head of the House. The Household is mostly militaristic sporting several generals and strategists from within its ranks.

Sesus Alon leads a powerful voting bloc within the deliberative that currently pushes pro-colonial measures in the Senate. She is a cautious and cunning player and keeps her Household on a tight rein to maximize the political value of each member. She founded her household to give her a power base from which to control the Senate. She has allied herself with the Peleps through marriage and uses her descendants to secure votes within the Greater Chamber.

Sesus Magel’s Household survived her untimely death at the hands of an assassin and if rumors are to be believed it was Chenow himself who enacted vengeance on the perpetrators after the Alon chased them into the threshold. Talor, one of his daughters, has taken over and turned the Household towards business acumen and profit making. Several marriages with the Tainena and Cynis have helped ensure they are turning a great profit.

Sesus Chenow has been enjoying life since he finally got into a position where he could slaughter innocents and barbarians in peace. He happily leads most of the Sesus legions in the Threshold conquering new lands or more often being the instrument the Empress uses to make examples of rebellious threshold princes. His eldest daughter, Mareq, is actually head of the Household and manages the logistics and politics of the Sesus war machine alternatively from Sion and the Imperial City.

Sesus Denerid should have been born into the Cynis, at least as far as Kajak is concerned. The man is utterly self interested and an avowed addict of many drugs and sexual compulsions. What could have been a wastrel life was instead turned useful when he was wed to a Cynis and became the social heart of the House. The power couple host many fetes and orgies in the Realm and Threshold which make friends and allies.


The House is stretched thin economically. A great many Dragon Blooded require a lot of support and those legions are not cheap to maintain. The House does not really squeeze its satrapies and relies on the economics generated by mercantile ventures in the threshold and the Empress’ stipend to survive. Neither rich nor poor the Sesus manage to maintain their position. They support the expansionist policies within the deliberative as it will make their mercantile operations quite a bit more efficient.


Sesus has a strong set of alliances with the Cynis. Though neither House is willing to subordinate to the other they have close relations with the Sesus being excellent customers of the Cynis and being willing to lend out military support to the other House. They are also as close to the Mnemon as one can get priding themselves on keeping their core breeding high by marriages to what is the most well bred House in the Realm.


If the Sesus have a real enemy it is the goody good Tepets. House Tepet has seen fit to constantly belittle and undermine the House every chance they get. As a result the Sesus have made it a priority to punish the Tepets ever chance they get. There have been several near wars in the threshold between the Houses and a great many assassinations and pirated shipments. The Ledaal have always been problematic ever since the Houses were founded. With the Ledaal firmly in the traditionalist camp and the Sesus in the colonial the enmity is not going to be solved any time soon.


Kajak has determined that the House will need to have the support from its non military lines necessary to keep its army and militaristic side firmly entrenched. He pursues policies that redirect skilled Exalts and money into the Imperial Army. As a result he pushes matters on the Isle and threshold that aim to either put money into the House’s coffers or enhance the military and heroic prestige of its members.

House Members of Note

Sesus Chenow Lahor: Lahor is everything the Sesus love about the Dynasty and everything the other Houses hate about the Sesus. He is arrogant, pompous, elitist, and cruel to those beneath his station. Great looks, exceptional breeding, and a wicked sense of humor have made him the toast of several Dynastic gatherings. He has recently finished his adventuring years and taken up station with the Sesus Legions. In this he has started to disappoint: he completes the objectives set out for him but almost always incurs far heavier casualties than planned.

Sesus Magel Uphen: Uphen runs a great deal of the Magel business concerns operating abroad. Based in Thorns he has set up a small sub-household to manage the Sesus’ trade into the East and their contacts with the Guild. For the present he does very well though each year it becomes more and more difficult to root out who the Guild owns within his organization.

House Sesus

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