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House Tepet is enjoying its position and ascendant rise through the ranks of the Dynasty. With a number of great war heroes leading famous legions, a strong mercantile foundation that is only growing, and a powerful social grouping that ensures they remain the toast of the Exalted host. With some notable exceptions the Empress has allowed the Tepets to push forth the boundaries of the Realm granting them several of the most important new Satrapies and much of the glory and jade to be garnered from Conquest. Only a lack of institutionalized power within the Imperial Service keeps Tepet from eclipsing any other House. With several new and independently powerful lines the only real risk the Tepets face in the short term is they grow too large too fast and fracture like Sesus has done.

Major Lines:

Tepet is beginning to spread it’s tendrils far and wide with the blood of its founder. In a push for numbers the average Tepet breeding is somewhat below the Realm standard. Several of their lines have begun looking into adopting policies to bring up the breeding of their core whilst maintaining enough Exalts to fill critical positions.

The Marek and Vergus lines lead the House and the elders of the Households lead the Tepet military committee, the panel that runs the house. Both are powerful military Households each with dozens of Exalts in numerous military positions. Marek typifies the Tepet drive for numbers and some pundits within the Realm question it’s long term viability if their stock dwindles too much more. Vergus has recently taken steps to increase the potency of its bloodlines, but is having difficulty in that of those Houses with strong elemental connections only Mnemon is willing to deal with them and her terms are harsh indeed.

Tilis and Nerigus are both newer households, funding and supporting Tepet’s rapid expansion. Tilis is a military Household descended from a powerful combat sorcerer and fills the need for military personnel with occult knowledge. Nerigus is a merchant Household founded to help expand and control the large expansion of the House’s financial assets following the large number of satrapies it has grabbed in recent decades. This does cause some strife with the Berel Household, long Tepet’s economic core. Thus far the two have not had any major issues, but a number of disputes between members have had to be arbitrated by the House as a whole lest things get ugly.


Tepet’s economics are expanding at nearly the rate the Cynis and Peleps are. Fueled by new conquests and two powerful merchant households Tepets income revenues more than meet the needs of the House to support itself. With the excess Jade the House buys favor with the Peleps and the Imperially sponsored Tainena. Tepet’s income comes from two major sources:

The mercantile interests the Nerigus and Berel hold are extensive, though not to the point of competing with those of the Cynis or Nellens. Their Isle based manufacturing profits greatly from cheap raw materials imported from Tepet controlled satrapies. Based in Chanos both Households contribute greatly to the Realm’s exports and though they cannot support Tepet’s massive military alone they provide the foundation.

Tepet’s second major source of income is the satrapy system. With a large number of satrapies, many newly taken, Tepet sucks a huge amount of tribute out of the threshold. The satraps pay on time and in full knowing very well the reputation of the famed Tepet generals to deal with any hint of rebellion. The only weakness the Tepets have economically is their satrapies are gouged to the hilt. While it pays off for now there is a high probability many of them will be far poorer than their neighbors in the coming years.


The Tepets like to think themselves aloof of the political games of the Dynasty, holding to a higher calling. While some do, others recognize that if they stand alone the rest of the Realm will carve them up. Most of the Dynasty, however, cannot stand the House. The Tepets would try and get along with Mnemon save that she thinks they are far to low bred for her, and in one way or another they’ve stepped on the toes of every House. That is not to say that the other Houses don’t recognize Tepet’s power and court it as they need, but no House is willing to make long term alliances with them. As such most of Tepet’s alliances are Household based and fairly short term. It’s members marry for short to medium term gain and the House as a whole does not set a coherent policy towards maintaining allies.


Where Tepet makes it’s allies individually they make their enemies as a whole. The House loathes the Sesus, especially the Chenow line, whom they see as everything that is wrong with the Realm. From the way they play the game of the Dynasty to the abject and merciless nature of their war machine the elders of House Tepet view the Sesus as an evil that needs to be wiped clean; and they will go to some lengths to achieve this goal. Every other House save Nellens has strong reasons not to help the Tepets and they repay this in kind though there have been no long term systematic grudges against them thus far. Merely seething resentment.


As varied as their Households Tepet lacks strong and centrally defined goals. The Marek, Vergus, and Tilis lines continue to push for military excellence and more control of the Realm’s war machine. To this end they seek to put members into positions where they can make their names and achieve powerful threshold or legionary commands. The Nerigus and Berel lines both are more active in the political realm and seek to use their economic power to court political advantage. Members of these Households are expected to be sociable and gracious to any Household that can help further Tepet’s goals and they have recently begun courting the Peleps and Mareda with offers that may well be too good to pass up.

House Members of Note:

Tepet Berel Cheteras: Cheteras may well be the most eligible bachelor in the Realm. Surprisingly well bred for a Tepet he graduated from the Golden Band Institute and then from the Spiral Academy. A head for numbers and an excellent marriage alliance accompany the young Exalt as he’s shopped around the most exclusive parties for a bride while apprenticing for the Treasury itself. It’s expected he will soon work formally for the department and many view him as a prime candidate for the Jade sniffers.

Tepet Marek Solarrun: Solarrun would not be described as a happy man. He was a top graduate from Bells, married young, had several children with two exalting, and a promising career in the Legions. He also has the worst possible luck in the Dynasty. His wife was assassinated, one of his children was proven not to be his, one fell off a log at Bells and cracked her skull, and in his most recent engagement a freak flood wiped out half of his Dragon and saw him sacked from the 47th Legion. He is halfheartedly seeking to re-establish his good name with a private military venture in the threshold but depression and continued poor luck have plagued him.

House Tepet

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