The State of the Realm's Institutions

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The Legions:

The Legions are at their height of their power, and the other institutions of the Realm hate them for it. With 74 Legions totaling more than half a million men kept under arms and close to forty percent of the Dynastic Host standing in them the Legions are themselves a power block that is not to be trifled with. It is only the unwavering loyalty of certain key commanders and policies that keep any one Dynast from gathering too many of them that keeps this military juggernaut in line.

Socially the Dragon Blooded, always militaristic, are viewing the Legions in an incredibly positive light. Every House encourages extensive numbers of their progeny to join the Army (especially those of low to middling Breeding) with Dragonlords and Strategoi who are not in active service in high demand to manage House projects in the newly taken Satrapies.

This said, the Ministers of the Thousand Scales are keen to remind the Army it only exists because they allocate the funds to continue paying for it. With the Ministries often playing games with funds and resources and the ASE giving or withholding information as needed the Legions are kept in their proper place: Expanding the borders of the Realm.

The Thousand Scales:

The Thousand Scales has not changed much since its founding. New offices are only added when the Empress needs to create infighting or redress balance. The Jade comes in, the Jade goes out, and the scribes of the offices manage the who’s, where’s, what’s, why’s and taxes.

Currently the Foreign Office, the Treasury, and the Tax collectors have ballooned with the need to oversee all these new conquests. Certain ministries like the Home office have shrunk in proportion and there are several proposals currently on the floor of the Deliberative designed to cut the larger offices into smaller and more manageable sections.

Within the Deliberative itself the Lesser chamber has been flooded by loyal princes and potentates from newly taken lands while the Greater Chamber has been winnowed somewhat. Times are good, and at the moment laws need to pass. As such the Deliberative actually resembles something of an effective law making body as new codes and laws are needed to address new situations or redress issues within the new borders of the Realm. The Senators, a new designation with the term Deliberator having fallen out of favor just recently, are currently the go-to people within the Imperial City if one needs to make contact with the power broker.

The All-Seeing Eye

The Realm’s spies wish they had more men. No time in recent memory save for the events surrounding the upsets of the early 500s where several Houses fell and new ones arose has caused them more consternation. A lot of new lands, a whole House with special permissions on keeping armed troops, a huge army, and far more contact with the borders of creation (which means more Anathema of the Lunar variety) is stretching the ASE to the edge.

The Realm’s spies have altered their standards, though only so much. They have drastically expanded operations in the newly taken lands for mortal intelligence on any brewing problems. Their recruitment of Blooded has focused most heavily on gaining moles within the Houses themselves and the Ministries to manage the wealth.

The Wyld Hunt:

Perhaps only second to the Heroes of the Legions, and depending on the circumstances above them, are the Hunters who slay Anathema. After Jochim and the damage he did to the Realm both the Order and the Eye have given new subsidies to the expansion and upkeep of the Hunt. For the first time in the history of the Realm the ratio of monks to secular Hunters, as well as the ratio of hosted to non-hosted hunters, has shifted towards the latter.

Currently Twenty-Three Wyld Hunts are stationed throughout Creation to track and slay Anathema as they are divined. With a broad reach and well maintained armories the hunt if a Formidable force. It has to be, everyone remembers the last time they missed a target.

The Immaculate Order:

The Order still remains the pillar upon which the Realm is built. The monks of the Cloisters and Monastaries have shown the faithful that it is that faith that enables the Realm to succeed. They point to what happens when faith wanes; Jochim tore the North apart and lead to twenty years of issues for the Realm.

Sending their scions to the Order is not a priority for most Houses (save Mnemon) what with major expansions to undertake and wars to fight. Still, the Order receives enough new recruits to maintain it’s position ,even if it is somewhat less relevant than in recent memory.

The current priority for the Mouth of Peace is the establishment of Temples and proper order in the newly taken lands of the Threshold. The Hundred Gods’ Heresy is rampant in the hinterlands and must be tramped down. The Temples will also help instruct the newly subdued mortal populations in the proper veneration of the Dragon, as well as obedience to their Dynastic masters.

The State of the Realm's Institutions

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