The Time of Rebellion 585-603

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The war against Jochim took a lot out of the Realm, both economically and politically. The rebellions and upset in the immediate campaign area were problematic; critically damaging the Realm’s political reputation. Satrapies refused to pay tribute. The Legions had to be kept deployed. Across the North and Northeast all the way to Halta were constant problems maintaining the order of the Satrapies. The Realm had to keep the Legions deployed which forced the Empress to increase the military budget relative to other things.

As the issues continued and men were bled off from other regions to supply the war effort, the rebellions spread. This forced the Realm to more expense in deploying troops at the same time income was down. By 595 rebellions were commonplace through much of the inner threshold in all directions. With the tribute revenue down, the Empress tightened lending procedures throughout the realm and restrictive laws applying to banking regulations passed through the deliberative. Ragara had to alter interest rates where it could and call in loans by taking back the initial collateral.

The Realm’s economy went into a tail spin as taxes were raised across the isle coupled with tighter lending practices. The first of the peasant rebellions started in 598, and lasted for three summers straight in various parts of the Isle. It was in 602, with revenue down, that the Empress formally disbanded House Nalis. The house had defaulted on most of its loans and with every scrap of Jade it got in having to go out again the House had essentially imploded into a debt ridden shell. The Empire, however, could save a great deal of money by not having to pay the subsidies to it.

The Legions, finally, had most of the threshold under control. As the Realm’s economy started to recover between 600 and 605 the Empress was able to expand the army significantly.

The Time of Rebellion 585-603

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